Former strip club performer claims local club violated labor laws

July 26, 2019
Action News

A former dancer with Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club filed a lawsuit against the club for allegedly not paying anything beyond the tips she received from customers.

According to a lawsuit obtained by Pittsburgh’s Action News 4, Franchesca Reyes of Bridgeville claimed she and other dancers were illegally classified as independent contractors.

Reyes claimed she was treated like an employee, working six hour shifts five days a week and requiring them to audition and punch in and out during shifts.

“If an employee is mandated to be in an establishment for a period of time and they’re punching in and punching out that would mean they’re more of a W2 employee and not an independent contractor,” said defense attorney Phil Dilucente.

Reyes worked at cheerleaders for about a year.

The lawsuit claimed she also had to share tips with bouncers and had to pay a “house fee ” to the club for each shift she worked.

Reyes is asking for unpaid wages for herself and other dancers, claiming the club violated the Fair Labor Standards Act and the PA Minimum Wage Act.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reached out to Cheerleaders, both in person at the club and through their corporate office, but have not heard back.

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