Local teacher broke into neighbor’s home with wife, complaint says

December 17, 2019

PLUM, Pa. — A teacher in Plum and his wife are accused of burglarizing a neighbor’s house.

Michael Verrico and his wife took an odd collection of items, and got a teenager to help them, according to court documents.

The couple allegedly took sheets, a washing machine five suits and a broom on Jan. 1.


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    • The neighbor’s house was in foreclosure and they allegedly entered an unlocked closed garage door and took the items, according to the criminal complaint.

Police interviewed the 17-year-old and three other kids who said Verrico destroyed evidence and told them to lie to police.

Verrico’s attorney, Phil Dulucente, said the allegations are far-fetched.

“It’s absurd, it’s preposterous, it’s a twisted tale and we look forward to the preliminary hearing together,” Dulucente said.

Verrico is on administrative leave from the Plum School District where he teaches physical education at Oblock Junior High School.

He is now charged with felony burglary, corruption of minors and tampering with evidence.

Verrico’s wife Heather is also charged.