Jacob B. :

Phil is sharp; he not only listens well but explains things to me which other lawyers I’ve had don’t seem to want to do. I’m so glad I got Phil.

Susan R. :

He was a Godsend and lifesaver and was always reachable morning, noon and night!

Stanley W. :

Great service, always handled me and my case with class.

Debra G. :

Words cannot describe what great care he took of me.

Karen C. :

Since Phil was on TV all the time I had a perception he had a big ego. I knew he was good, but when I sat down with him for help he made me feel so much better about my situation. I was pleasantly surprised at how humble of a man he is with all of his accomplishments. Thank you Phil!

Jeff B. :

In this day and age where people make false promises left and right, that’s not what I got with Phil. He said ‘I promise nothing regarding the outcome but will fight like hell to make sure we win,’ and he did. Thank you Mr. Phil.

Greg J. :

Outside of being a phenomenal lawyer, Phil is so kind. He always makes time for me and got a great result. I got Phil!

Michael O.

Best of the Best!